Fire Cider Daily Tonic

This daily tonic is true to its name! Fire Cider is a surefire way to beat the cold and flu season and does so with all the amazing roots, herbs, citrus, and vinegar found in its ingredient list.

I had discovered fire cider a few years ago from my mother who had a small bottle of it in her kitchen. There was a shot glass next to it, and I asked her where she got this “tonic” and she said a local health food store in our small home town.

I was curious about it. What did it actually do?

I smelled it and sure enough I knew how it had gotten its name. I was hesitant to try it but at that moment I was battling a cold so I was down to try anything.

I’m not going to lie to you, it is very potent. But it goes down pretty smoothly and creates a “fire” in your gut once you’ve taken it. That fire is proof that the vinegar and nutrients from all of the ingredients are working and actively being digested into the body. The ingredient list is below but the body is taking in lovely nutrients to battle and kick out any bad bacteria in the gut to cure the common cold and possible flu.

During the colder months (here in PA that would be November – March) I take fire cider daily. About a tablespoon. If I am feeling sick I will take two shots.



– 1 gallon mason jar

– Chef’s Knife

– Cutting Board

– Towel

– Mesh Strainer (final step)

– Large Bowl (final step)

– Whisk (final step)


To be honest with you I eyeball and do not measure exactly. Each batch I make is different from another but that is what makes it super fun and switches up the nutrients for the body.

– 1 lemon

– 1 orange

– 1 head of garlic

– 2 habanero peppers

– 2 jalapeño peppers

– 4 knobs of fresh turmeric root

– 1/2 horseradish root

– 1 ginger root

– bunch of thyme

– bunch of rosemary

– 1/2 gallon of apple cider vinegar “with the mother”

– 1/2 cup local honey (to be added at the final step)

The Method:

– Grate the roots (be careful of turmeric, it will stain your hands AND towels. Wear gloves!) and add to 1 gallon jar.

– Slice citrus and add in.

– Chop peppers, remove seeds if you don’t want too much heat but I always leave them in tact.

– Roughly chop garlic cloves to release some fluid and add into jar.

– Add in herbs full.

– Pour apple cider vinegar (FROM THE MOTHER!) into the jar until it covers all ingredients. You don’t want any exposed or it will grow bacteria.

– Leave it be for 2-3 weeks in a cool dark place! Shake the jar every few day to get the nutrients flowing into the ACV.

The Final Steps:

Once it has merried together, use a strainer and dump liquid into a large bowl. Add in 1/2 cup of local honey and whisk until incorporated.

Add to small amber jars. I find mine on amazon here. The contents are sensitive to light and a brown or blue glass jar will ensure that the nutrients are protected from the sun!

Enjoy it!

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