How I revived my life with essential oils

Interested in learning more about essential oils and how to use them?! Keep reading about how Revive essential oils have changed my life!

I have heard a lot about essential oils over the past few years and have been to a few EO seminars but really did not know where to start. There is so much to know about how to use them! You can pretty much cook, clean, smell and eat them but you have to be careful about how much to use, if it’s safe to ingest, and if they need a carrier oil. I was overwhelmed and didn’t have much to spend on a starter kit so I appreciated them from a distance.

A few months ago I found Revive, and was immediately drawn to their mission being “Mother Nature’s Best Essential Oils”, quality ingredients, easy to read uses, and especially their price point. They’re so right, MLM oil companies are so expensive because they make commission off of the products they sell. Revive, is all about quality and happiness in your life and your wallet!

I was so pumped I ordered a bunch of oils from Revive to give out as Christmas gifts and my family and friends were raving about them! I personally got their Siberian fir to help with my anxiety and seasonal depression and it smells so fresh and like I am standing in a forest! I diffuse it while I practice yoga and it brings me peace and tranquility.

I loved the concept of how essential oils can help and heal certain diseases so I then spoke with my doctor about being taken off of my anti inflammatory medication and replacing it with Copaiba. She supported my decision and I now take copaiba internally every morning to help with inflammation! It has helped so much and I’m happy a natural product can help me rather than synthetic chemicals!

I was so hooked I ordered their starter kit! I now have began adding blends to my diffuser and roller ball to take with me. I use hemp oil as my carrier oil because hemp hearts are my all time favorite superfood.

There are a lot of different opinions and facts about essential oils out there. I’m simply just sharing what works for me! If you are interested in Revive’s products as well I have a discount code for your first purchase. Use “plantrevive10” for 10% off your first order!

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